COVID-19 experience


All my life, I dreamed of walking across a stage to receive my diploma, graduate high school, and go to college, but not the way COVID-19 had planned my graduation. Luckily, my high school was able to conduct graduation for my class on June 6th, 2020. It was held outside where our parents and guest watched us from their cars. To me, graduation was very weird and did not feel right as I walked across the stage with a mask across my face. Also, it was very hot sitting in a black graduation gown for about an hour. But my graduation never affected me not as my first semester of college. I expected East Carolina University was going to take some measures to keep us safe from COVID and it worked okay. What I was most excited about coming to college for my first semester was meeting new people and joining different clubs ECU had to offer. But because of COVID, we were very limited in different activates we could take part in. All my life people tell me that college is the place where you’ll make lifelong friends and the excitement of entering the next part of my life, adulthood. However, COVID had to change as it was hard as meet new friends was limiting and learning to become an adult. Luckily, COVID did allow me to purchase an apartment during my first year as a freshman giving a glimpse at what being an adult looks like. Classes were an adjustment as it was hard to focus on some of my classes because I either could not hear the professor speak or could not breathe through my mask well. What hit me was leaving East Carolina University after two weeks and switching to an online school. This was a huge adjustment as we just had in-person classes during those two weeks and making them online changed many ways the professors had to teach. Although during my last weeks at my high school, we were online for only two weeks until they decided to give us a pass or fail on our current grade in our classes. I have always been a visual learner and it was hard to plan on what classes I needed to have done before their assignments were due. Gladly, I was able to pace myself very well through this first block as I turned in assignments days before they were due. This next block is going to add a new challenge as I am going to be employed at a job and will have to work around my schedule to get my schoolwork done. As my thoughts on this disease, I feel I’m not getting the praise and attention I should be getting just like the seniors before my class. COVID-19 is going to change the world forever until we find a vaccine so we can go back to our normal lives and living.


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