Mask selfie




Hello everyone,

My name is Tandika Tappin I am 34 years old and I am a single mother of 3 children, two boys and one girl. I am originally from Guyana South America. I spent most of my years growing up In Brooklyn New York but I have experienced life living in Guyana. My relocation to North Carolina took place 5 years ago as I was a on real life quest to provide a better and more cost efficient life for myself and children. I have held many titles in the work field but prior to me moving here I was what is called a school safety officer under the New York City police Department, it was this position that allowed me to see I have so much more potential in me. I recently graduated from Beaufort County Community College with an An Associates in Applied Science (Human services and technology) degree and An Associated in general Education degree. I am currently studying family and consumer science here at ECU with a short term goal of acquiring a school counselor in education degree and a long term goal of attaining my PHD in child psychology.

For my project I wanted to implement the signs of our times, the best way for me to be creative and show this was to select the selfie with a mask challenge. I also wanted to include some cultural dynamics to it. In my photo you will see a black mask, my eyes exposed, a flower, a white mask and a few colors from my countries flag. I was inspired by a cause to show a pandemic that affected the entire globe. I would probably never wear it in public, but to a social function yes. In this photo it was important for me to show strength ,insights, and courage. Although you can not see my full face, just a peak of my eyes and the lighting shows the light at the end of the tunnel. The world we live in today requires us to proceed with caution and careful direction. I truly hope you enjoy the image and are able to depict what I tried to display. This was created as an assignment for Susan Luddeke's ART 1910: Art Appreciation course.




Tappin, Tandika, “Mask selfie,” Documenting COVID-19 in Eastern North Carolina, accessed January 28, 2022,

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