Chloe Saito




This photo is creative and pleasing in my eyes. Masks have never been an issue for me. I’m happy as one can be. Lived in America but love to represent Japan because it’s a part of me and my heart on the mask represents, I have a lot of love to give. Koya RM’s character is the chilliest character meaning I’m pretty chill. I've been blessed because my life hasn’t changed much before or after covid.

I am a people person, I’m always the one saying Hi to a stranger next to me in an elevator. I don’t live my life on a phone, I enjoy simply talking to others and learning how others are living life. Guess you could say I’m a popular kid “I don’t think so” but many have described me as being the popular kid.

Asian hate touchy topic but yeah I've run into it before. Long story short we are friends now. It’s the kind of person I am. I don’t argue, fight, or get upset. My goal to always try to understand and to see the world in someone else’s eyes. It really helped me avoid arguments, fights, and drama in my life.

I’m not perfect and if you want to know my sins, I have a full list of them. Guess you can say I don’t mind wearing a mask, go ahead and ask? because all my life I've had one on. I’m a good girl with a broken heart. Not sure where to start but I’ll be smart and make sure you don’t stay long on this cart before it falls apart. I’m covering my eyes with my name in Japanese in katakana. Why?

Well, I know a lot of people, plenty of numbers to dial when I’m at my lowest. I do my best to stay positive and always have a smile. I've been through many traumatic events in my life and statistically, I shouldn’t be alive. I lose friends daily but on the bright side, I make new ones every day. It's the same old story no one ever stays. Hence why I always feel as I am living in the shadows, but I do my best to stay active and to help others. It brings me joy and hence why I loved this project because it was creative and pleasurable, and helped me be with someone that "friend" that helped me is one of “The Good ones by Gabby Barrett”. Ok, I left things on a good note get off the cart now! xD



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