Stop Asian Hate



I decided to make a collage about Asian hate, because as an Asian person too, I know first-hand what it's like being at the receiving end of racist comments (both before and during COVID). I, fortunately, have been lucky and haven’t run into direct confrontations or violence. But It still hurts me because to know many others suffered harassment and attacks, many of which are much, much worse than what I've dealt with. I'd be lying if I said confronting racism doesn't drain me.

With this Art project, I hope to show and offer other people of Asian descent, that you aren't alone. There are many people who know and understand your pain. Many are out there helping to fight discrimination. And while there is no easy and quick solution, the last thing anyone should be doing is losing hope.

I came across an artist that did a similar project who was “Cyrielle Recoura RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE (2020)” ( She gave me the idea and inspiration to create this. It honestly took me a while to do this assignment because I don’t have the experience of ever doing any collages. But I enjoyed the time I had making this because I was able to express what my culture is going through. Also, I tried to be as simple as possible but I did cut a few ones to make sure they would align with each other. I also colored a few statements to express their importance.

I want to tell people my story and my pain, We're seen as privileged, wealthy, and light-skinned so that makes it seem like we're basically white economically and physically. Meaning any attacks directed at us isn't racially motivated, it's just regular crime. I’m sure they have their reasons for these acts of violence but no excuse for any of these crimes. These acts of random violence for no reason whatsoever other than to do so. We all work all day and in slave with the bills we pay. I’m sure we can all relate. I just wish we could treat everyone with kindness.




Saito, Chloe, “Stop Asian Hate,” Documenting COVID-19 in Eastern North Carolina, accessed January 28, 2022,

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